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Welcome to Arizona Youth Lacrosse


Arizona Youth Lacrosse's mission is to assist our member clubs in gowing the game of lacrosse throughout Arizona.  AYL provides a positive, welcoming experience for all young players, while providing competitive divisions and opportunities commensurate with years of experience and age.

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AYL Code of Conduct


  1. There is a Code of Conduct that everyone participating in the AYL must abide by?

  2. There is Parent Code of Conduct, Player Code of Conduct, and a Coaches Code of Conduct? (click link)

  3. The league can suspend a coach, player, or parent from participating if the Code of Conduct is not followed?

  4. That providing a fun and safe environment for kids to compete, helps us GROW THE GAME?

  5. Baseball, soccor, football, and hockey all require participants to acknowledge a Code of Conduct in their leagues?  

  6. You can be the toughest competitor on the field and also show great sportsmanship?  



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Scorers Table: CLub responsibilities

Scorer's Table:  Member Club responsibilities

Each club must provide a parent resource at the scorer's table for all 10U, 12U, and 14U games.  This is your oppotunity to get parents involved in a volunteer capacity.  

  • This resource is ONLY there to help the referees with penalty time and keeping score(12U 10v10, and 14U only).  They do not need to be lacrosse experts.  
  • Parent volunteer needs to have a cellphone of other device to run penalty time.  
  • Each club must provide a resource before GAMEPLAY is allowed to start. 
  • BE AWARE:  The game clock will begin on time, but PLAY will not commence until each club fulfills this requirement.  
  • The table is NOT for a team statitician or any other team related function
  • The parent helpers can certainly cheer for their team, but it must be done respectfully and at a lower decible level.  You are there in an official capacity and we don't want the scorers table to disrupt coaches or players.  
  • At no time should the two people at the scorer's table engage with coaches or players, unless they are counting down penalty time to release.  
  • A MAXIMUM of 1 person per team may be at the scorer's table.


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